Protests in Haifa

It’s been pretty interesting to follow news that’s specifically related to Haifa. It’s a small enough city that I’m more or less familiar with pretty much all of the neighborhoods.

These pictures are from our old neighborhood, actually the other end of it (Ziv center)

ziv protest 1

Israel needs national honor

ziv protest 2

Israel will not give in to Obama

Photos taken by our friend Ashley Overholser.

Nave Shaanan is one of the quieter neighborhoods of Haifa, and I assume the protest was relatively peaceful because people just don’t get as riled up about America as they do about the Arabs. In contrast, there was a protest in the Carmel (the “happening” part of Haifa) that turned violent, and people were yelling ugly things about the Arabs. I won’t post those videos. It was too upsetting and I made Jeff turn it off.

Here is a link to a broadcast about another protest in Haifa, this one from the Israeli-Arab Christians. (For those who have been to Haifa, the “UNESCO Square” referred to in the broadcast is the traffic circle at the foot of the Bahai Gardens. It’s part of the Christian quarter.) It’s worth a watch because Israeli-Arab Christians don’t get a lot of press in America, and it’s worth a reminder that not all Arabs are Muslim. (Some people they interviewed objected to being described as Arab rather than Israeli, but I wonder if they would have the same objection when Israel wasn’t in the middle of a war.)


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