No one expects a new mom to post frequently–I’ve started this post several times and never had time to write more than a paragraph–but nevertheless I feel that I’ve been remiss. So here’s a quick post.

Ezra is just over two months old and I am working on establishing more clearly-defined nap periods, stationary sleep, and a schedule. We use Dr. Weissbluth’s method (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child). The goal is to prevent sleep problems before they arise. It worked pretty well for Rafi. Right now I’m trying to put Ezra down while drowsy but awake, which isn’t working so far, but I’m sure he’ll get there.

We’re discovering that it’s harder than we first thought to fit in here. At first I was wowed by the veneer of politeness, but I’ve found that underneath there is a lot of insularity since the area appears to have a low number of transients (and they’re all in Portland, which as I am repeatedly told, is “not really Maine”). The families we have the most in common with are transplants like us. Joining Levey Day School has really helped because it has a strong culture of parent involvement and volunteering, and we’ve fit in to that right away.

In Israel we didn’t fit in either, but the exciting newness of it all sort of overpowered that feeling. And I did appreciate that everyone and everything was on a Jewish schedule.

Jeff is enjoying his work and even the commute, which he says is time-consuming but pleasant and he’s able to get work done.

Finally, I have an update on the trash reduction project. We are using cloth diapers. (We used disposable for the first two weeks, which I recommend and would do again.) We fill one 15-gallon trash bag every week and a half, mostly with food packaging and kleenex. If anyone is curious, I’m using Thirsties Duo Wrap covers with prefolds. They NEVER leak. I also have some Bumgenius one-size pocket diapers that I bought off people selling them on Craigslist. Those leak every once in a while because Ezra’s legs are still on the skinny side, and “one-size” is a bit of a misnomer. However, they’re easier to put on when I’m barely awake and are better diaper bag stuffers.

Cloth vs. disposable diapers feels like real vs. disposable plates. More work? A bit. But why would you make so much trash when all you have to do is push a few buttons on the washer?


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  1. I am sorry to hear that you and Jeff don’t have the feeling to fit in. I personally have to say that I think it is great to have you. Maine is a special place – in a good and a not so good way – and it takes time to feel comfortable here. I am still working on it myself… 😉

  2. I am born and raised in Maine and I can tell you with 100% certainty that Portland IS Maine.
    Not sure what state you hail from, but, as you know, ME is a large state (for the northeast) and has many personalities.

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