Friends’ Blogs

Several of our Fulbright friends have blogs as well. I recommend all of them.  Below is a brief description, with links, of each one.

Alli and Adam Gamzon are located in Jerusalem and arrived several months before us, yet these two differences does not affect how similar their experience is to ours. I found their blog extremely honest and straight forward. I could have written many of the messages they talk about, yet not as well.

Adam Siegal is also located in Jerusalem. He often tries to push culture bounds between different the different clashing religions of Israel. An interesting and enlightening read.

Jason and Rebecca’s blog is so far a wonderful light read. They recently moved to Haifa, and I look forward to hearing about this city/country from their perspective.

Sometimes rambling but often insightful, Jesse discusses his travels through various regions of Israel as a scholar and historian. His perspective of the crusades in Israel is unparalleled.

Read about other Fulbrighters (current and previous) and the program I am on here:

In addition to our Fulbright friends, there are a couple other blogs I would recommend.

First, a close friend of ours is blogging about her aliyah experience one word at a time.  Please check it out!!

Another friend recently became olim and are detailing their journey over the first year here:


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