Israeli Election Ads

Israeli elections are upcoming and a new Knesset will be elected. With that, the potential for a new prime minister is also possible. In general, among our friends, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s popularity is decreasing.  What I find interesting, more than anything, is the difference in ads that are being put out. There are many different candidates, but I will discuss the ads of two specific front-runner candidates.

Bibi’s ad, below, discusses that you cannot leave your kids with just anyone. And if you leave your kids with the wrong person, you might not have a home to return to. It appeals to the parent nature of all Israelis to keep your kids safe.

Naftali Bennett’s add, see below, is about how Israel needs to stop apologizing, Israelis, as a whole, are tired of apologizing for the world’s perception of their actions, specifically with the most recent Gaza excursion. Bennett’s whole platform is about Israel holding itself to its own standards, and not by the wrong perceptions of the world. This appeals to every Israeli that is frustrated about constantly being condemned by the world court and media.

Both very powerful ads. Both distincly different from each other. And both distinctly different from what you will find in America.


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