All of the clothes, dishes, and linens that we had in storage are various degrees of of dirty, mildewy, and dusty. We’ve been running endless loads through the dishwasher and washing machine.

And oh, the quantity of stuff! I can’t believe it. We sold or gave away a lot of things when we moved (the first time), but there’s still a lot left that we packed up. Maybe it seems like more because we couldn’t put it all away immediately; instead it’s taking up space waiting to be washed.

It hasn’t been fun, but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the boxes are unpacked. Jeff did the lion’s share of the work with that, and Rafi and I helped. It will take a while to get the kitchen organized the way we want it. Here’s what our kitchen looks like (the main drawback of this apartment):

The main part of the kitchen. (There’s no water for the dishwasher where it is in the picture. It’s a portable dishwasher that hooks up to the sink and blocks the hall.)

They put the kitchen sink in the butler’s pantry, I think because it’s the closest place to the water line.

Just one of the things that’s kinda funky about our apartment. On the plus side, it has large rooms, high ceilings, and a huge front hall, all the things that are great about old buildings. I’m told that Maine, or maybe Portland specifically, has one of the oldest housing stocks in the nation. It’s obvious that construction quality was high to begin with, and Portland seems to not have experienced the same flight to the suburbs that many other cities did, or at least not to the same extent, so the city is full of well-kept old houses. There’s a bad neighborhood downtown near the shelters, but it’s not full of boarded-up houses. There are also three suburbs, which have new housing of course, and then within five or ten miles you are in rural Maine.

Anyway, the kitchen works but it’s taking some time to figure out where we want to store all the utensils and things to minimize the walking back and forth. We’re making progress.



One thought on “Unpacking

  1. FIRE!! Or at least that is what the alarm screamed at 4 AM. No Fire. Faulty fire alarm. Just another thing to go wrong with the apartment. Fun. On to finish unpacking.

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