Well. We’ve been very busy, there’s lots to say, and I don’t know where to start. I’ll try to touch on the highlights in this post and then flesh things out in coming posts.

Portland is beautiful and the people are nice. Because of its small size and relaxed atmosphere, it feels a bit like a large town rather than a city. The Jewish community is very small, which is both good and bad.

Our apartment’s location is ideal but the apartment itself less so. There’s plenty of space and we like it in general–but the management company, Apartment Mart, is not very well-run, and we’ve had some unpleasant surprises that were pretty stressful.

Right now Jeff is on his cross-country trip getting all of our stuff from the various people who are storing it. In the meantime we’ve been trying to get by with minimal stuff, but even so, it’s been a very time-consuming process replacing large and/or urgent items. My parents were in town and entertained Rafi so we could get errands done. We bought a car, mattress, washer/dryer, and a few kitchen items that we hope don’t duplicate what we already own. It’s hard to remember, for example, whether we kept our tablecloths from two years ago. Oh, and we bought Rafi a long-promised bike. More on that later too.

In short, things are rolling along and starting to be a little less hectic (at least until Jeff arrives on Friday with the U-haul, when the unpacking will begin in earnest). We’re starting to get to know the area and meet people. Rafi is counting his friends as he meets them. That’s about it and I hope to be able to catch up with more details over the course of the week.


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