Haifa Theater International Children’s Festival

Rafi was off of school for two and a half weeks for Pesach break. (Between keeping him occupied and Pesach cleaning, I wasn’t able to blog. All I have to say about Pesach cleaning is that while they say “dirt is not hametz,” grain weevils crawling up the wall are a sure sign that your dirt is hametz.)

Jeff didn’t work this year on Pesach, so he took Rafi all over the city: on hikes, to the Naval Museum, and more. A lot of museums are free during Pesach. We were in Jerusalem for the seder, hosted by Eric and Cheryl Birkner-Mack, and then spent a day in Jerusalem with friends, but we were back in Haifa for the rest of the holiday.

One unique event we attended was the annual Haifa Theater International Children’s Festival, which ran for three days during Hol Hamoed Pesach. We found out about it on Friday, the last day, three hours before it was supposed to end! We hopped on a bus and got there in time to catch not one, not two, but three shows (they were short). There were half a dozen stage areas scattered across the plaza in front of the Haifa Theater and the park just below, with multiple shows going on at once and in close succession. There were groups from all over Europe. All the shows, at least the ones we saw, were mime-based. We saw an acrobatic group from France that sort of reminded me of Cirque du Soleil, on a less elaborate scale. All of the outdoor shows were free. They had longer-format shows indoors that were not free, but the outdoor ones were more than sufficiently entertaining, and we liked the festival atmosphere. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.


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