Summer clock

Just in case anyone wanted to know, Israel is now on the “summer clock,” so Israel and America are back to their normal time difference of 7 hours.

This morning, after spending a leisurely hour puttering around the house and on the computer while Rafi and Jeff slept, I had a moment of alarm–are we an hour late for gan? Does my computer know I’m in Israel and not in America??

The correct question, of course, would have been, “Does my computer know where it is located presently?”

I think the reason is that most of the time when I’m on the computer, I access American websites and feel like I’m in America. If I feel like I’m in America, why wouldn’t my computer think I’m in America? (I suspect this is not unlike the way people personify and even name their GPS’s.)

Maybe it’s a minor anecdote, but for me it illustrates how America feels like the “default location,” as it were.


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