Magical Rigmarole

I don’t understand how, depending on who you talk to, “There are no appointments available, sorry I can’t help you” turns into “Yes, we have the 13th…oh, you don’t like the Sunday before Pesach? How about this Sunday?” I’m assuming they don’t magic appointments out of thin air, which may be a bad assumption because why else would the HMO* appointments hotline not be able to access these magical appointments at their very own clinic?

*An Israeli medical “kupah” is basically equivalent to an American HMO. Think of calling Kaiser to make an appointment at a Kaiser hospital, and you’ll understand how ridiculous it was that I couldn’t get this appointment.


One thought on “Magical Rigmarole

  1. So, I just want to clarify, that the Israeli system is great if you are normal and on-track. But once you deviate a little from normal, no matter how much, it is extremely complicated. So because they had “no appointments available” we are no longer normal. It only took 4 days and over 11 hrs to schedule that single appointment. Huge stress and headaches now, but at least we are “managing” the system, whatever that means. So in that sense, an American HMO tends to be more available in the scheduling department.

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