Giant dwarf

I finally managed to hook in to the neighborhood young families network (step 1 was learning it existed…one of the organizers is extremely friendly and has a son Rafi’s age. She introduced herself to me at the playground and clued me in).

Anyway, giant dwarf (גמד ענק) is a game like Secret Santa, only for Purim. The family you give to is your “giant family” and you are their “dwarf family.” Other than that it’s just like the game we play in America. You give each other presents for a week before the holiday, and there’s a big reveal where you give the final gift.

Yesterday Rafi and I walked into the park for the big reveal event and saw a bunch of families sitting there with little children doing an activity…and a big balloon hat sitting upside down with some stuff in it.

I thought the big balloon hat was for one of the children’s activities. The organizers had planned a treasure hunt around the park, etc. No… the big balloon hat was…for us!!! The husband in our dwarf family makes balloon animals. Apparently he learned from YouTube. Cool, right?



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