Another post that’s just about Rafi

Although Rafi didn’t turn 4 until November, he’s considered to be part of the 4-year-old cohort in this country because the cutoff follows the calendar year instead of the school year as it does in most states in America. I’ll be signing him up for kindergarten in a few days when registration opens. (OMG, I’m signing my baby up for kindergarten!)

They’re doing kindergarten readiness activities in Rafi’s gan, like writing letters. Even two months ago I would have scoffed at the idea of Rafi writing letters. But all of a sudden, he’s into writing and has the motor skills for it. For his birthday, my in-laws got him workbooks to practice writing letters and numbers, which I thought would be too hard for him, but he breezed through them in a matter of days and then did them over again a few times just for good measure.

A few weeks ago, I started making “coloring books” by drawing simple designs with a sharpie, and ever since, it’s been Rafi’s favorite drawing and tracing tool.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right? Well, that’s our house with Rafi’s sharpie. Under supervision, his “nails” are limited to things made out of paper. We’ve had only a couple of accidents with the sheets and his clothes.

With the trusty sharpie, he traced the lines on his lego instructions. He traced the lines in his coloring books. He saw me labeling a box (with a sharpie, of course) and begged me to write dotted lines for him to trace. He filled six pages of my sketchbook with straight lines, curvy lines, zigzags, and squares. He put down lots of stickers, connected them all with lines, and called it his “homework.”

It’s pretty fun. He’s too young for me to press anything on him, so it’s great to just sit back, enjoy the ride, and try not to freak out about what the permanent marker might get on next. (Mostly, it just gets on Rafi’s hands.)


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