Tunisian Synagogue in Akko

On Chanukah, Rafi and I joined a Nefesh b’Nefesh group on a “Go North” trip to Akko. (It rained, of course.) We went with a guide, which was fun because guides, despite their tendency to go on and on, take you to places you would never otherwise know about.

We started at Tel Napoleon, so named because hundreds of Napoleon’s fallen soldiers were discovered there. All that remained of their uniforms was…brass buttons.

Tel Napoleon is the ancient site of Akko. It’s currently inland, but thousands of years ago, the level of the Mediterranean was higher than it is now. At some point in ancient times, the sea level dropped and the city was relocated.

From Tel Napoleon we went into the new city and saw the most amazing synagogue called the Tunisian Synagogue. Every surface in the building, from floor to ceiling, in every room, is covered in mosaics. They didn’t even forget the stairwell. It was stunning.

Like everyone else, I was zapping away with my camera. I can’t find a camera cord to upload the pictures, but you can get at least a bit of an idea by doing a Google image search for the Tunisian Synagogue in Akko.

If you are ever in Akko, do not miss this one. It’s in the new city, so you’d miss it if you didn’t plan in advance and just wandered around the old city.

The bathrooms were terribly dirty, probably because of the high volume of tourist traffic during Chanukah.


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