Some link love while we’re in America

We’ll be traveling to America soon for a visit of about three weeks. Blogging may continue on a reduced schedule, or it may cease for the duration.

In the meantime, here’s some link love for you to read at your leisure.

This is a hilarious blog, “How to Be Israeli.” Take a look at the sidebar where there is a “crash course” of favorite posts. They are all so true! My favorite is “A guide to nonverbal communication,” complete with instructional video clips. They left off the one-shoulder shrug, though. It’s Rafi’s favorite and consists of shrugging one shoulder in the direction of the person talking to you. It means, “No, why are you even asking me to do that, leave me alone.” It’s only used by children.

A Mother in Israel” has been blogging for a while and has an array of interesting articles about parenting, aliyah, society, and more. The two articles that are interesting to me right now are Israeli play date etiquette and Israeli parenting (scroll down–all the content is in the comments). Sometimes I lose track of what is normal in Israel vs. America. Since Rafi is our only child, and we left America when he was barely three years old, I have no reference point. So it helps to get other people’s perspectives.

Finally, I found this short description of Haifa by the well-known Israeli author A. B. Yehoshua and it’s absolutely spot-on. He’s a great writer and he describes so well why we love Haifa.

Happy reads and have a good one!


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