Rafi’s fantasy world, transcribed and edited by Abby

Hi! My name is Rafigayil. I have a brother named Rafi.

But really I am Rafi and I have a sister named Rafigayil.Image

I’m three and three quarters. That means I’m almost four! You should trust me because that’s what friends do. Also, I know better because I’m ten years old really!

I live in Israel, and I speak English and a little Hebrew. But really I speak Russian because my mommy speaks to me in Russian, so that’s why I know Russian.

Yesterday my friends came over to play. They are a boy and a girl. (Mommy can’t see them.) They played games with me. Sometimes I take them to the pool and they play with mommy and me in the pool.

Yesterday Sammy Spider came with me to the pool. Mommy thought I left him at home but really he was holding my hand. Sammy is nice because he’s quiet. Duck quacks too much and keeps me awake at night. Yesterday I gave him a time out and told him to try again later.

I’m a scary monkey! I’m a tiger! I’m an alligator! I’m a bad boy! I’m mean and I hit you!
Except really I’m a nice boy, okay? I will give you a kiss.

Sometimes Mommy is not my mother when she takes me to the playground. My mom is home making dinner really, so that’s why she’s not my mother.

At the playground yesterday I drew a big map with chalk. It was a really long tiyul!*


At the playground I do shows, okay? I’m a shower! The show is about to start and then you will get presents at the end! Hey, you can be in the show. You’re a shower too! Ding dong! That means the show is over!**

Now I will tell you the story of Hansel and Gretel. Except it’s a different story; their names are Lika and Sika and their stepmother is really mean and she locks them in their room! But she opens it in the morning really. Then — what my names were? — Lika pushes her into the oven!

Oh, no! I’m going to miss my bus! It’s the 17 going in the wrong direction! I must catch it! I must run! Bye!

*I love that Jillian is yawning in this photo. She had pretty much just gotten off the plane. -Ed.

**If you think the exclamation points are getting annoying, imagine what it’s like to listen to them. -Ed.


3 thoughts on “Rafi’s fantasy world, transcribed and edited by Abby

    • But Rafi’s favorite thing to do at the Technion is go get coffee. But when I ask him if he wants coffe, Rafi replies, “I dont like coffee. That’s silly Daddy. Why are you being silly? But I like chocolate milk. OK! I can have chocolate milk!?!”

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