Since lice are very common here, it was only a matter of time.

I went out and bought the best nit comb I could find (it took a while to explain to Rafi that we were not going on a picnic!) and I’ve been picking lice and nits for three days, once a day for Rafi and twice a day for me because I have long, thick hair.

I used vinegar to comb with, which helps because it’s acidic–bad for the lice and good for the hair. (I often use it as a conditioner anyway, unless I’ve been to the pool.)

The first day was very time-consuming, but after that it hasn’t been too bad. Now we have no more live lice and apparently no more nits…but since they’re practically invisible, I’m sure we’ve missed some.

Terribly tedious, but it’s an excuse to watch TV.

Speaking of tedious, I bought chicken hearts again, for the first time in months, and noticed after I got home that they had not been cleaned. I’d take nit-picking any day over the tedious cleaning of black, congealed blood out of dozens of heart valves.

It was worth it (but it would be more worth it to pay the butcher to do it for me). Chicken hearts really do make amazing stew because they have a rich flavor, cook quickly, and release enough juices to make a sauce. All I added was hawaij, carrots, frozen peas, and I think some salt. Great for summer.


2 thoughts on “Lice

  1. Getting Rafi to sit still for this must have been an amazing effort too!

    Hawaij sounds like an interesting spice mix. The on-line mix describes a version for coffee too.

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