3-year-old literalism

Rafi: Why kulam lagan on rishon, sheni, shlishi, revi’i, hamishi, shishi? (Translation: Why does everyone go to gan on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?)

Me: Because that’s what gan is. It’s where you go every day.

Rafi: But I don’t go to gan on Shabbat, and Shabbat is a day, so I don’t go every day.

Me: You are so right, Rafi. (I’m thinking: that’s really good logic for a three-year-old.)

Rafi: Yeah, you was being wrong, Mommy.

It appears I have a little know-it-all on my hands already. If I’m not precise with my words, he catches it every time.


Another thing Rafi said recently:

Daddy to Rafi, “Nothing rhymes with orange”

Rafi to Daddy, “Tammuz rhymes with tappuz”

For those who do not know, Tammuz is a  month in the Hebrew calendar. And tappuz is an orange (the fruit).

-Jeff and Abby


2 thoughts on “3-year-old literalism

  1. Wow. That’s the kind of thing Josh would say at that age. If I used the wrong word he would tell me about it!
    A mathematical, logical mind.

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