My sunflower problem


A rogue sunflower!

EDITED TO CLARIFY: This sunflower is already 2.5 feet tall!

This photo was taken a week ago. It has grown another 6 in. since then. At least. This is destined to be a 6-foot doozy.

The seed packet, “summer flowers,” had a sunflower on it, among other flowers. It didn’t register. I think I was too busy swooning over the sweet peas. Whoops.

What should I do? Leave it and see what happens? Cut it down? It’s already stealing nutrients, light, and space. Because it’s too big for the pot, I’m worried it may fall over, or the flower may not develop properly (or might be too tall for me to enjoy).

For comparison, here is my other planter box:


Well-behaved beet greens and dill


One thought on “My sunflower problem

  1. I thought I could not live without zip lock bags (or any closing plastic bag readily available in the US) or Tupperware. But I survived without them in Israel and in South Africa (where Saran Wrap comes in 25 foot refillable containers). It is amazing what we use in the US that we think we need but we don’t notice when it’s gone.

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