All about Rafi

Rafi had off the entire week before Pesach, so as a result, I’ve been spending a lot of time in his company and have lots of things to say about him. (I have lots of other things to write about, but Rafi is so cute I had to do him first!)

Rafi is starting to understand Hebrew. Of course it’s not a perfect understanding, but he’s starting to understand sentences instead of individual words. The assortment of words he knows is sort of random: he knows how to say dry off but not shower, socks and shoes but not shirt, cucumbers but not butter, I but not we…you get the idea. I guess it’s to be expected.

He can crack eggs, mop, help fold sheets, and clean the lint trap on the dryer (which we rarely use this time of the year, much to his disappointment).

He knows what street and number we live on. His favorite question to ask people is, “What number do you live on?” (Or, “What number are you?”)

He can build with legos and is young enough to be entertained both by building AND by making up stories about what he has built.


Very busy with his hard work

He’s still interested in maps and numbers. Buses are cool because they combine maps AND numbers. It’s pretty funny to hear him say mouthfuls like “merkazit hof hacarmel” and “merkazit hamifratz,” which are two of the bus stations. Elevators are also cool because if the building is tall enough–as it certainly is in his imagination–they use ALL the numbers. Yesterday on tiyul there were numbers on the trail. That was cool too.


Ball racetrack

Today Jeff told me Rafi saw a bus and said, “That bus is going to the shuk.” He was right!

He sang the ma nishtana at the seder…sort of. He also knows several Pesach songs, and it’s a good thing, too. There’s a story there… I will explain in my next post.


6 thoughts on “All about Rafi

  1. Cucumber…maybe he has heard the song about “melafefon yarok”? I don’t think there’s a song about butter…

  2. Hi Jeffrey,
    I promised that I’d check out your blog featuring your lovely young son, Rafi. I only read some of your entries, but this is a wonderful way to keep family and friends informed about your time in Israel and, of course, Cairo. Continue to enjoy your time in Haifa and best wishes to you, your fine son, and your wife. Sanna

  3. Nope, I taught him the words for cucumber, pepper, and carrots since he is constantly eating them! But butter is overshadowed by the excitement of cracking eggs into the pan.

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