A story with a happy ending

While we were on tiyul yesterday with Jeff’s relatives, Jeff got a phone call for me from a stranger speaking Hebrew. Okay… I took the phone.

“Did you lose your arnak on the bus?” (Spoken in Hebrew, but the translation approximates how I understood it.)

-My what? Can you explain in different words?

-Your purse.

-I have my purse.

-It has your visa in it.

-My visa? It’s in my passport at home.

The conversation didn’t go exactly like that, but that’s the general summary. I eventually figured out what had happened: My wallet fell out of my purse two days before while riding the bus, and a nice family that had been sitting near us picked it up (and, they told me later, defended it from a suspicious-looking character who wanted to grab it). Visa=credit card, not the thing in my passport. I didn’t even know it was gone, because I had no reason to look in my purse over the holiday or while we were hiking.

How did they figure out whose wallet it was? They looked at the picture on my driver’s license and recognized the person whose son and their children had been singing all the Pesach songs together on the bus! Otherwise I would not have been memorable to them.

How did they find Jeff’s number? The police wouldn’t give it to them and instead said, “Give us the wallet.” They didn’t trust the police. Next they called the health services, but they wouldn’t give out customer information.

Finally they found a Nespresso customer account card in the wallet. Success! The Nespresso store gladly gave up Jeff’s cell phone number.

I am very thankful to these wonderful people who saved me a lot of money and hassle.


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