A post that’s not really about Israel

Many people who haven’t known me for long don’t know I am an artist. I prefer to have a day job because I don’t like chasing freelance work all the time and I need structure to my day, so when people ask what I do, I say I’m a teacher. (There’s also more of a market among the people I meet day to day.)

But sometimes opportunities come by, especially when you’re in a country where Judaism isn’t a “niche market.”

Last week I saw a job listing for a publishing company looking for an illustrator for a children’s siddur. At first I didn’t think I could apply, but I realized…I have my portfolio, thanks to Jeff, who diligently put everything on our external hard drive. I also brought all my supplies with me from America for just such an occasion.

So I sent off my portfolio immediately, so they would know I exist, and then spent a week creating sample illustrations of Modeh Ani, one for grades K-2 and the other for grades 3-5. I know I’m competing against a few other illustrators. Wish me luck!

Even if I don’t get the job, I have two works of art to show for my efforts. If they don’t use the colorful one for the siddur, I can sell copies with custom text.

Modeh Ani 3-5 Modeh Ani K-2



3 thoughts on “A post that’s not really about Israel

  1. Wow! I would want those illustrations in MY siddur! Esp. the colorful one looks like Shema. You could put in either text, I think. And you have the world’s cutest model! 🙂

  2. These are wonderful! I especially like the one with “your model” in bed. It looks multi-faceted! Chag Sameach!! Looking forward to the post about Pesach in Israel!

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