More hiking with Rafi!

I took Rafi on the hike that starts in Ziv center a couple days ago. It said on the sign that was “appropriate for the whole family” and takes about two hours. Allowing for Rafi’s slowness, I figured longer than that, but I was not expecting three hours. We had enough water, but I was a bit worried as the sun started to get low.

The trail went through not one but two rocky wadis, one on each side of the mountain. For grown up-legs it was no big deal, although I did get tired of walking on rocks, but for Rafi it was very slow going.

When I was just about fed up with walking on rocks, the trail left the first wadi and started climbing the mountain. Now this is what I was expecting! We started to get the great views of Neve Shaanan that I had been hoping for.

Then in front of us I saw a rock face, taller than Rafi and almost as tall as me. My heart sank. Rock climbing? With a three year old?

“How are we going to get up this, Rafi?” I wondered aloud. I started to climb.

Rafi started up right next me. After he started stealing my handholds out from under my hands and feet, I let him go first. I decided that was better anyway so I could catch him if he fell. And up he went, just like a little mountain goat. “That’s how you do it, Mom,” he informed me. “I showed you.”


Taller than the first one was


This is your favorite part, Mom!

After that, every time we encountered rocks to climb, I asked him to show me how. He is very nimble. Forget playgrounds. Despite the rocky wadis, I am so thrilled we did this hike.


We didn’t climb this one

When we got home Rafi was exhausted and hungry. He ate a great dinner and asked to be put to bed! The next day he asked to hike again, but I told him I was not up for another three-hour hike. We did a short (asphalt-paved) walk through a nearby forest instead.

When the weather gets too hot for pleasant hiking, that’s when I figure we’ll do all the museums, etc. I aim to see as much of Haifa as I can and love being my own tour guide. Rafi likes maps, so after each outing, I show him the route we took. He also likes narratives, so I retell what we did. Usually he corrects me if I leave something out or tell it wrong.

I haven’t used the stroller more than two or three times since we’ve been here.


2 thoughts on “More hiking with Rafi!

  1. When I read your blog, I can hear Rafi say what you wrote. I can almost see his expression(that of a grown-up{him} looking at you as if you were a child who should know better. Nana

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