Logistics of Contacting Abby, Jeff, and Rafi

Hey all our American friends. Now that we have been departed from America for over a week, you may want to know how to keep in touch with us. First and foremost, email is a great way to communicate.

Second, follow our blog. To do that, create a log-in on wordpress (free), and on the main page of our blog, hit the follow button at the top of the page. You can also adjust your settings to email you with new blog posts. Since our posts will be sporadic, we recommend email notifications.

Third, we now have phone service that includes unlimited calls to the USA. Abby and Rafi are available from 1 AM (EST) – Noon (EST). Email Abby to set up a phone date. Jeff still has an American number that can receive txt and voice mail messages (his 216-245-XXXX number). Feel free to send him a txt msg to receive a call from him. The best time is Midnight – 1 AM (EST), 11 AM – Noon (EST), and 2 PM – 3 PM (EST), but he could be available for short calls at other times.

Fourth, Rafi loves Skyping. We think it is his favorite pastime other than eating pineapple yogurt, going to the fire-engine park, and watching Tom and Jerry. Anyways, he will typically be on Skype from 11 AM – Noon (EST), but check other times as well.

Finally, follow Jeffrey’s Facebook page which will have occasional updates of photos, videos, or short status updates.

If you don’t have any of the above contact info, all of it is available on Facebook. Or, you can post a comment, which we will not publish (therefore not shared with anyone else) and we will share it with you.

We are looking forward to keeping in touch with all of you during this exciting adventure.
-Jeff, Abby, and Rafi


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