We’re Here

We arrived safely in Israel. So did our four boxes, three suitcases, three backpacks, two carry-on items, stroller, and car seat.

We must have somehow channeled some of Keanu Reaves’ power to transform reality because our seven checked bags/boxes were exactly 47-50 pounds each. We were watching the scale and giving each other amazed high-fives. Only one or two were a few pounds overweight, so we moved the items to the 43-pound box, and all was well.

Despite our earlier worries about visas, Rafi’s incorrect (1917) birthday was not brought up at passport control. Maybe the official didn’t notice, or maybe he scanned it and it came up correct in the computer. He was surprised that our visas were good for only one month…hopefully all will go well with the extension at the Ministry of the Interior.

It’s been terrific to practice my Hebrew, or at least what little I’ve been able to speak in a few hours here and on the plane. I feel less pressure to perform than in America, and I’m keeping an eye out for phrases that I’ll need to know like “customer service” (sherut lekochot/שרות לקוחות). Rafi, by the way, held true to his statement that Hebrew is for Israel and has started cooperating with learning Hebrew.

The scenery is beautiful. I’ve never been here in the winter before, and I’m surprised at how green everything is. Jeff, on the other hand, has never seen Israel’s sun because he came in January during two weeks of rain.


P.S.  Now only if Rafi will sleep through the night.  -Jeff


7 thoughts on “We’re Here

  1. Sounds like you are off to a good Start Abby. Now did you ,Rafi and Jeff get some sleep on the plane? I feel releiived you are with Uncle Yale who i rememeber so well as I spent so much time with while he was growing up ,many football and baseball game. it is nice you have family in Israel. Well good luck on your visa’s and getting adjusted to Israel. Love to all

  2. So glad everything went well so far! Hope your jet lag is minimal, as well as your experiences with Israeli red tape. So excited for you all! Hug Rafi for me.

  3. It just goes to show you how everything is done on the computer. You would have been in trouble if the computer was wrong and the paper work was right.

  4. Jason and I are very excited to see all of you! Good luck with settling in. As for שירות לקוחות, it doesn’t exist here… 😉

    • We have experienced great שירות לקוחות so far. Everyone, in stores, on the phone, in the park, etc, has been extremely nice and helpful.

  5. I am so glad you told Yale to send this to me. I always love being in Israel. There is a feeling that I can not explain. Paula called me on skype today and Rafi was sooooo adorable. He talked and talked and I didn’t understand a word, but loved every moment of it.

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