Chanukah is Approaching

So we started explaining to Rafi early that we are moving to Israel. The reason for this is everything was changing. We were visiting family more. We started to remove, sell, give away, and throw out a lot of the stuff in our house. And a couple of weeks ago, we got rid of most of the furniture in our house. All in preparation of our move to Israel.

At first, we were explaining that we were going to move to Israel when Rafi turned 3. But, we quickly changed that to “after Chanukah.” So now, if you ask Rafi what happens after Chanukah, he kindly replies, “We are moving to Israel!!” What that means to him, I am not 100% sure. I believe he thinks it means taking a plane to Israel, speaking Hebrew, eating pomegranates, and coming back home. I wonder when he will learn we will be staying there and not returning for two years.

One thing Rafi is excited to do is Skype with all his friends. Feel free to request to Skype with us. You can email me for our Skype name or find it on Facebook. He is already excited to talk to everyone on Skype.

Rafi is also excited about Chanukah.

Chanukah should be a big celebration here. Right before Chanukah, Abby’s and my family are visiting us for Shabbat. They are also sponsoring a Shabbos Lunch Kiddush as a farewell party at our shul. We are invited to Chanukah parties in an effort to say goodbye to friends. Finally, Abby and I, as usual, will be busy at work. We move out of the house right after Chanukah for our three day journey to my Uncle’s. So soon and so much to do.



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